Signs of HAARP effects on animals

22 Feb

After seeing that video, I had goosebumps pop up on arms and my brain went to work. I heard those noises coming from Louisiana. Right where that line went straight through. I heard it from left to right, like it was right in the tree line, about 300 yds in front of my trailer. The dagger or whatever it is came from North traveling south, from left to right. Ok, I was a little freaked out. So I looked on right of youtube window on related posts about strange sounds in sky. I clicked on one, someone from Florida heard it, too. I clicked on more, to see who heard it. People all over world. Notice that the ones in Canada are louder than in Costa Rica. These sounds were all heard in 5 days total mid Jan 2012. They have older posts in 2011 but not as widespread as these.

here is a link:

Crazy huh? Thats only the beginning. If they can make these sounds with frequencies all over world, what else are they capable of? Now to my next discovery.

Have you heard of the dead animals in masses dying for no reason, even humans? Have you heard of the earthquakes on the rise in the past year? Have you heard about Volcanoes having more eruptions in the past year? Don’t forget the sounds of metal or trumpets.

Well your about to, (Over the past few years) 96% of four species of Bees have died off. In america, maybe you say so what, but bees pollinate,over 90% of the flowering crops we have, including apples, nuts, avocados, soybeans, asparagus, broccoli, celery, squash, cucumbers, citrus fruit, peaches, kiwi, cherries, blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, cantaloupe and other melons and thats just naming a few.

Here is the link to all animals that have died from Nov. 2010 – Now Feb 2012 (((WARNING))) If your an animal lover, this may make you feel very uncomfortable. This link says the date and gives links to another site where the original report was made. This post isn’t hear to make you feel like this, but to show the world that something is going on more than: SOPA, PIPA,  NDAA, ACTA or all of their offspring acts are going to do. (I think these acts are a distraction, for upcoming events) If you think this is all what I have found you are wrong, there is more. Also, when looking at this link, I want you to take in count of the same countries that these unknowingly, healthy animals who have been murdered or killed. The same countries keep popping up one after the other. I will make a map and show you another troubling fact. This isn’t a theory, there is too much evidence saying otherwise. OK link.

This is man made not biblical, remember that. (HAARP)

There are reports of Natural Disasters in the same countries as animals die in.


I am creating a world map of all the animals dying all of a sudden. These animal deaths are occurring day after day since 2010. Remember HAARP was constructed in 2007 (they say). We all know they lie, especially since Department of Defense (protecting us from arctic Rogue Glazier Terrorists). This is overwhelming to me. I just took a break from the map I was making. I can’t believe New Zealand aren’t raising questions about this. It’s like American Government is killing off the food supply. Thats what it looks like. I know I have about 10 dots on NZ alone. I was reading a news report, Over 500,000 birds died last year. I mean really? Nothing has ever happened like this. Birds can fly in rain, winds that are massively strong. But 500k of them just drop out of sky from no where. Don’t get me started on the whales coming assure to get out of the water.

Woah!!! I just found where 1,000s of earth worms die in Ohio? Really? You can cut one in 5 pieces, put on hook in water (for 20 minutes) and pull them out, still alive. All of a sudden 1000s of them die on just one day. Not any other day of the year just ONE DAY. Ok. I finally finished it. I started 2:55 AM central US, it is now 9:00 AM c/us. It took me 6 hours just to do the animals. I havent even got to the earthquakes, volcanoes, people dying or illnesses, strange weather, or geographical locations where the noises was heard from.

I stand back and really look at this map and I see a pattern already.

Unexplained animal deaths!




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