Rising number earthquakes 07- present

22 Feb

I’m glad your still with me. Did you notice that there were pretty much straight lines coming from Alaska or the Arctic? Around those lines that HAARP’s frequencies, it affected wildlife, oceans, and birds. I know, when I did research couple days ago. I traced world map off my laptop on a piece of paper and put dots where incident was reported. When, have you known for the government to distract you from what is really going on? They released SOPA, PIPA, and NDAA. They knew we were going to flock to those bills like crazy. Anonymous, went hardcore with them, and occupiers also. Those bills don’t matter now, we have a real problem to deal with. If those frequencies can kill whales, thousands of fish, insects, dolphins, over 40k crabs, and millions of other animals. What do you think it will do to us? This can’t happen, I’m too young to die. I haven’t even had a baby yet. I can tell you one thing though, if I have to I will die fighting, real fighting, so you and your kids can live. World war 3 is a distraction for people who watch the news. SOPA PIPA and NDAA are distractions for internet users. I’m not saying WW3 won’t happen, it might. We have a real issue to deal with and that is HAARP. What good if you stop PIPA or ACTA if your not alive to enjoy internet. This is real and it is happening. I haven’t even got to earthquakes yet. It’s going to take me atleast 12 or more hours to do those.

I found a government website that reports all earthquakes.I was looking at the significant earthquakes to get an idea what they are doing. I was looking at it and I seen the years go back to 90s. So, I thought I would look at 2006 the year before HAARP was finished. Remember HAARP was finished in 2007. So the earthquakes in 06, the count comes out to be 36. Year 2007, almost doubled coming in at 55 world wide. Weird thing is, the earthquakes stay in Cali, not in heart of America, like oklahoma or arkansas. As the years from 2007 till now the earthquakes activities are on the rise. In 2008, 57 or 58 (lost count twice) lol. In 2009, 79 earth quakes reported.  In 2010, 73 significant quakes. See a pattern here? In 2011 80 quakes. Now remember, only significant ones. Here is link.


I don’t know how to link it up. I don’t know if it publishes, it goes to a link. Just copy, paste it.


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